Within Walking Distance

Walking from The Weaver’s House towards the city centre will take you through medieval Spon Street where depending on opening times you may be able to visit Coventry Watch Museum and St John’s Church. Find out more about these attractions here.

About 300 metres in the other direction from The Weaver’s House, you can spot two more examples of Coventry’s past.


The ruined Chapel of St James & St Christopher

Stone wall of a ruined chapel in the sunshine, with window arch

The ruined Chapel dates from the 14th century.

a block of flats in the distance through the ruined window arch

Close to the city centre, modern Coventry peeks through the window arch.

The River Sherbourne and Spon Gate Bridge

a shallow and short stretch of water that runs under the Spon Bridge

A glimpse of the River Sherbourne which would have been used by former residents of The Weaver’s House.

a sandstone bridge covered with greenry

The sandstone Spon Bridge in summer, surrounded by foliage. Dated 18th century, it may have been built from stone from the demolished Spon Gate.

Find out more: Trace the path of the River Sherbourne with this fantastically and fascinatingly detailed site by Colin Walker.