The Weaver’s House on screen

The Weaver’s House and Black Swan Terrace have been used for various filming projects including documentaries and music videos.

Here are a sample of some of the projects we’ve been involved in.

Three Little Birds (drama). This TV series took the street to the era of the 1950s, you can see some photos of the filming here.

Presenters Hugh Dennis and Christine Carr, a food historian, filmed in our garden for The Great British Dig. Read the blog post here.

The Tudor Monastery Farm saw historian Ruth Goodman filming with the full-size loom.

Professional re-enactors Ruth Gilbert and Tim Jenkins were filmed doing weaving and winding quills in costume of the period circa 1500, as part of a virtual reality project. See the behind-the-scenes images here.

Students from Coventry College used the House as a background for a new take on Shakespearean drama.

Songwriter and guitarist Ellie Gowers has filmed several videos on site, including in the house and the garden (Ribbon Weaver, Dwelling by the Weir, Waking Up To Stone). You can the videos, on her website, here.

The Weavers’ Workshop featured in Sky Arts film, Unlocked, What Does it Mean to be Free? which was filmed in part at The Weaver’s House, and the group also featured in Kim Hackleman’s poem A Recipe for Coventry Blue with a Hint of Sweet Honey and a Dash of Heart filmed in the garden, which you can watch here.

Interested in filming? More info is available here.