As with many heritage properties, due to the age of the house accessibility is limited in parts of the property.

The front entrance is a large step up above the current street level so a temporary step or a ramp can be placed here.

Wheelchair access can also be via the side gate, through the lower level of the garden.

Activity Centre
The area open to the public is on the ground floor and is accessible.

Weaver’s House
Because this a historical sloping site with uneven floors and steps, access to certain areas can be difficult. The loom in in the upstairs ( solar) room is only accessed by a ladder, though our volunteer guides can give a short talk using a model loom.

Access to the first room of the House only by wheelchairs. Turning space is limited and not suitable for large wheelchairs.

There is some uneven ground in the garden area. The lower level of the garden is accessible. Access to the garden by wheelchair is through side gate and sloped pathway.

There is an accessible toilet on site.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to arrange a visit on 024 7625 7117 or